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The New Abnormal: Trump Author: Even His Allies Thought He’d Lost It


Podcast from the Daily Beast hosted by Molly Jong-Fast

July 21,2021

Did Donald Trump REALLY defend Hitler at a World War memorial? On the latest episode of The New Abnormal, a look at the latest post-presidency books. One of the most outrageous claims from the deluge of new Trump books hitting the shelves this month is that the then-president lavished praise on Adolf Hitler at a memorial for World War One. Michael Bender, the author of Frankly, We Did Win This Election says on the latest episode of The New Abnormal that the Hitler incident was just one shocking example of people in Trump’s orbit belatedly coming to realize how dangerous the president was.

The next guest, former Trump attorney Michael Cohen, says he’s feeling pretty let down by the offerings in the latest string of Trump books.

“Most of these people don’t have information firsthand,” he says. “They’re getting it from somebody else. And a lot of it is the same reconstituted bullshit that we’ve heard before, but just by somebody else.”

However, he adds: “I think that the books are still important. I think it’s just another example of how this orange crusted bloviated asshole took advantage of this country, especially the Justice Department.”

Cohen cautions people to take a look at who is trying to mend their tarnished reputations through the books now that the Trump years are over, saying: “I think it’s very disingenuous when they come out afterward and it’s, you know, through a book.” Finally, Peter Sagal host of NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me joins the crew to “call-in” with a hot take.

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