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Between The Lines: 1 – The Favourite Books of… Michael Collins, author of “Likes of Us: A Bio of the White Working Class”


The New Culture Forum proudly presents episode 1 of its new book discussion show: “Between the Lines”.

Each month, host Marc Sidwell will invite a well-known figure to select and discuss the 5 books they regard as their favourite or most important, or which have had the greatest influence or impact on them personally.

Marc’s first guest is the author and commentator Michael Collins, whose works include the critically-acclaimed book “Likes of Us: A Biography of the White Working Class” as well as “White Privilege? The Demonisation of the White Working Class” an early episode of our own #NCFHeresies documentary series (see here:…).

Michael’s 5 books are: 1. Up The Junction – by Nell Dunn 2. Mrs Dalloway – by Virginia Woolf 3. Mauve Gloves & Madmen, Clutter & Vine – by Tom Wolfe 4. The Condition of England – by C.F.G. Masterman 5. The Invisible Man – by Ralph Ellison

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