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Coffee House Shots – a Spectator podcast: Is there a ‘cunning plan’ behind vaccine passports?


July 29,2021

With over two thirds of young people now vaccinated, does the messaging on how to reach the final third need to shift? And are the government putting the cart before the horse by hinting that vaccine passports are more about coercion than safety? And finally are we in for another turbulent exam season? James Forsyth speaks to Katy Balls



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Instant political analysis from the Spectator’s top team of writers, including Fraser Nelson, James Forsyth, Isabel Hardman, Katy Balls, Alex Massie and many others.

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  1. 18/08/2021 12:15

    the living environment is on the brink, and since it’s human activity that is causing it, anything that helps us quieten, should be welcomed, amen


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