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Beau Geste – E02


A column of French Legionaires find one of their fortresses manned by dead men. It looks like one of his own troops killed the sergeant-major. Who could have done it? A flashback then unravels the mystery of the three English Geste brothers. The three Geste brothers, orphaned early in life, are raised by their aunt at Brandon Abbas. Their raucous youths are filled with the literature of adventure and ritualised horseplay centered around these myths and legends. So when the family’s prized ‘Blue Water’ sapphire turns up missing, each of the young men confesses to being the thief in order to protect the others and one by one, they head off to join the French Foreign Legion. The three brother meet up in the deserts of Africa where they fall under the command of the malevolent Sergeant Lejaune. Not content to merely be a martinet, Lejaune sets his sights on stealing the jewel, which rumour holds to be in the brothers’ possession. Meanwhile, the unruly troops he commands are planning a mutiny and the marauding Tauregs pin this badly outnumbered and bitterly divided unit of Legionnaires at Fort Zinderneuf. The ensuing drama plays itself out as the French forces battle overwhelming odds. Will the Geste brothers get out alive and will the reason for the jewel theft ever be revealed? Dramatised in 6 parts by Greg Snow from Percival Christopher Wren’s 1924 adventure novel, “Beau Geste”. Directed by Adrian Bean

Part 2 – Henri de Beaujolais has ended his mysterious story of the strange events at Fort Zinderneuf by reading a piece of paper found in the dead commandant’s hand. It was a letter addressed to the Chief of Police of Scotland Yard and all whom it may concern: “Confession. Urgent. Please publish. For fear that any innocent person may be suspected, I hearby fully and freely confess that it was I, and I alone, who stole the great sapphire known as ‘Blue Water’.” The letter was signed Michael Geste. …
The year is 1920. While Lady Brandon is showing the ‘Blue Water’ sapphire to a number of guests at her home one evening, the light go out leaving the room in pitch black. A few moments later, the lights come back on but the ‘Blue Water’ has disappeared and suspicion soon falls on Beau. …
With David Lumsden [Michael (Beau) Geste], Michael Lumsden [John Geste], Scott Cherry [Digby Geste], Avril Clark [Lady Patricia Brandon, the Geste’s Aunt], Antony Howes [Augustus Brandon], Oona Beeson [Isobel Rivers, Lady Patricia’s Niece], Beverly Foster [Claudia], John Evitts [The Reverend Maurice Ffolliot / The Constable / The Pawnbroker], John Church [The Colonel at the Recruiting Office], Malcolm Ward [David, Lady Brandon’s Underfootman / The Recruiting Sergeant-Major], and Tom Bevan [The Railway Ticket Collector].

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