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PBS: Amanpour & Co: TX Abortion Ruling “Is Abuse of and Insult to Judiciary”


September 08,2021

The Justice Department is vowing to protect Texas clinics from prosecution for providing abortions. This puts a spike in the state’s new law, passed in an effort to gut Roe v. Wade. Slate senior editor and legal correspondent Dahlia Lithwick speaks with Michel Martin about what the latest developments mean for women in Texas and across America.

About this programme

Amanpour and Company features wide-ranging, in-depth conversations with global thought leaders and cultural influencers on the issues and trends impacting the world each day, from politics, business and technology to arts, science and sports. Christiane Amanpour leads the conversation on global and domestic news from London with contributions by prominent journalists Walter Isaacson, Michel Martin, Alicia Menendez and Hari Sreenivasan from the Tisch WNET Studios at Lincoln Center in New York City.

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