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Chopper’s Politics Podcast: Are the Paralympics under threat?


A UK political podcast hosted by Christopher Hope of UK Telegraph

They’re supposed to be apolitical, but as we know, politics is everywhere. On today’s show, broadcaster and co-founder of the company behind the official Paralympic coverage, Jake Humphrey, and three-time Paralympian David Clarke join Christopher Hope to dissect whether a government proposal to sell off Channel 4 might spell trouble for the Games. Could it set years of progress in the representation of people with disabilities on the television into reverse?

Also on the podcast: Environment minister Rebecca Pow tells Chris why it’s time to stop weeding and start letting your lawn grow freely. It’s part of the government’s latest advice on how to save the planet, one step at a time. But how much responsibility lies with the individual and their lawnmower, and how much with larger corporations? Listen for full enlightenment.

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