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DW News: Indo-Pacific: AUKUS alliance causes anger in France and EU


China is upset, surprise. France is upset so what, the French have only ever done what is good for France, so what!

September 17, 2021

Paris has expressed a feeling of betrayal after Australia went back on a deal to buy French submarines. Canberra says the decision was necessary for Australia to meet its strategic needs. Australia’s decision to accept the US submarine deal was announced alongside the unveiling of the Indo-Pacific security agreement with the US and Britain. The pact allows Australia to develop a nuclear-powered fleet — an option that was not open to Canberra when it struck a deal with France in 2016. The European Union announced its own strategy to boost political and defense ties in the Indo-Pacific on Thursday. EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said Thursday that Brussels had not been consulted on the pact, which has been dubbed “AUKUS.” “We regret not having been informed, not having been part of these talks,” Borrell said as he presented the strategy.

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