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UnHerd: Bari Weiss: Covid has exposed the hypocrisy of the elites


September 18,2021

From UnHerd an extract

Fighting — or even participating in — a culture war is a dangerous business. It is especially so when that war is being fought behind enemy lines. So when Bari Weiss was hired by The New York Times as an opinion editor after Donald Trump’s election victory in 2016, it was a risky move.

A self-described classical liberal, Weiss was hired to bring more conservative and centrist voices to the paper, but she quickly found herself at odds with its hyper-progressive staff. Tensions reached a breaking point when NYT writers complained about Senator Tom Cotton’s op-ed calling for the troops to be sent in during the BLM protests — something Weiss had helped to commission and edit.

Weiss subsequently left the paper to launch her own Substack, but her experience at one of liberal America’s most hallowed institutions exposed her to the inner workings of the paper and its gilded readership.

In a conversation with Freddie Sayers, Weiss suggests that the chasm between the “haves and have-nots” in America has only got worse, as highlighted by this week’s MET Gala event:

Watching the spectacle of the standard bearer of Left politics, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, showing up at an event that costs $35,000 a seat and wearing a white tight dress that says ‘tax the rich’ on the back, while all of the staffers there are having to wear masks. There’s no way that you can watch that spectacle and not think this is insane. These are the same people who are trying to tell parents that their two, three, four and five year old children that they need to spend all day at preschool masked. And yet here they are, at this ridiculous opulent spectacle and, and flaunting the very rules that they want for the rest of us.  – Bari Weiss, UnHerd

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