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New Culture Forum – Heresies: Charles Moore on BBC Bias: “BBC Assumes White People Are Bad & Black or Brown Are Good”


August 22, 2021

This was very interesting and is very relevant

Former BBC journalist Robin Aitken (author of “Can We Trust the BBC?”) interviews Lord (Charles) Moore, former editor of The Telegraph, The Sunday Telegraph & The Spectator and official biographer of Margaret Thatcher.

In a wide-ranging discussion, Lord Moore discusses Mrs. Thatcher’s attitude towards — and attempts to reform — the BBC, the BBC’s failure to understand how or why the public could vote for Thatcher, Brexit or Donald Trump and the *British* Broadcasting Corporation’s sneering & snobbish attitude towards patriotism.

He also discusses the BBC’s uncritical obsession with BLM as well as Islam, towards which it is very protective whilst being overtly hostile to Christianity — failing, for example, to properly cover Christian persecution around the world.

Lord Moore & Robin Aitken also consider whether reform of the BBC is desirable and achievable or whether the institution should be scrapped completely.

This interview was recorded for episode 5 of the New Culture Forum’s landmark documentary series “Heresies” (#NCFHeresies). Written & presented by Robin Aitken, “BBC Bias Exposed: An Insider’s Story”, may be seen here (and features excerpts from this interview):

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