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John Rogers: Walking London’s Roman Wall (upload December 07,2020)


Interesting videos about London, and elsewhere, from London-based film-maker and writer John Rogers, author of This Other London – adventures in the overlooked city

His blog The Lost Byway

This was rather nostalgic as I worked at one time in Cheapside and knew this area quite wel

The wall around the Roman city of London, Londinium, was built in around the year 200AD. It ran from Tower Hill in the East to Moorgate in the North and the close to the River Fleet in the West. Our walk starts at Tower Hill close to the Tower of London with one of the most impressive and imposing sections of the Roman Wall. The bottom four metres of this wall is still the original Roman structure with the higher levels added in the middle ages. We then go along Coopers Row where we can see the next section of Roman stone work before going along Vine Street and Jewry Street to Aldgate. From here we go along Houndsditch and Bevis Marks to Bishopsgate, one of the Gates into the Roman City. At Bishopsgate we follow London Wall and see fragments in the old churchyard of St Alphege before passing through the site of Cripplegate into the Barbican. Here we find another section of the Roman wall near St Giles Cripplegate with a medieval tower. We then pass through the Museum of London and see our last fragment of the wall in Noble Street. Our route takes us down Kind Edward Street to Newgate then down Warwick Lane, which was a mistake as we should have gone to the corner of Newgate and Old Bailey and walked South from here. The London Wall Walk then crosses Ludgate Hill and worked its way down the old lanes to Queen Victoria street not far from where the North bank of the Thames would have been in Roman London.

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