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New Culture Forum: Prof.Eric Kaufmann – Cultural Left Want Immigrants to Radically Change British Society


Premiered 04 September 2021

Prof. Eric Kaufmann is Professor of Politics at Birkbeck College, the author of “Whiteshift: Populism, Immigration and the Future of White Majorities” and the editor of “Rethinking Ethnicity: Majority Groups and Dominant Minorities”. In a wide-ranging discussion with the New Culture Forum, Prof. Kaufmann discusses the impact of immigration on British society, BLM and the conflicting attitudes of right and left in terms of national identity, diversity, and the elevation of minority over majority ethnicity. This interview was recorded for episode 6 of the New Culture Forum’s landmark documentary series “Heresies” (#NCFHeresies). Written & presented by Benjamin Loughnane, “Immigration Nation: The Changing Face of Britain”, may be seen here (and features excerpts from this interview)

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