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Deep State Radio: There’s a Mountain of Evidence Against Trump & His Coup Co-conspirators. But Will DOJ Do Anything About It?


Very interesting and I recommend listening, whatever your political persuasion. I think DOJ is dragging it’s feet

August 06, 2021

Slowly, thanks to Congressional information requests and court cases, hard evidence is emerging about the way the former president and those close to him worked to steal the last election. You would think that would lead to grand juries being empaneled, indictments and convictions. But so far, nothing of the kind seems imminent from the Department of Justice and while Congress has on-going investigations real concrete progress seems distant. Where does that leave us? We discuss with Ryan Goodman of “Just Security” and NYU Law School, Rosa Brooks of Georgetown University Law School and Dr. Kavita Patel of the Brookings Institution. It’s a pretty tough discussion to hear…but you need to hear it.

About this series

Twice a week, this podcast will take you on a smart, direct, sometimes scary, sometimes profane, sometimes hilarious tour of the inner workings of American power and of the impact of our leaders and their policies on our standing in the world. Hosted by noted author and commentator David Rothkopf and featuring regulars Rosa Brooks of Georgetown Law School,!54d27Kori Schake of Stanford University and David Sanger of the New York Times, the program will be the lively, smart dinner table conversation on the big issues of the day that you wish you were having…without the calories. Sometimes special guests will join the conversation and always the emphasis will be on providing the unvarnished perspectives others shy away from. Deep State Radio is the insider perspective on American national security and foreign policy that you can’t find anywhere else.

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