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Graham Adams: The debate over the $55 million media fund erupts again


An important post, which highlights how some in the media assist the government to implement racist and divisive policies

Point of Order


RNZ’s Mediawatch and a video clip viewed42,000 times keep the topic of the Public Interest Journalism Fund fizzing.Graham Adams reports…


A week ago, the NZ Taxpayers’ Union posted a short video clip of the exchange in Parliament between Jacinda Ardern and Judith Collins in which the National Party leader quizzed the Prime Minister about the $55 million Public Interest Journalism Fund influencing political coverage.

Ardern seemed to find the exchange amusing until David Seymour stepped in to ask:

“What then would happen to a media outlet that received money under the fund and wanted to report a story deemed inconsistent with the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi, which is one of the requirements to adhere to?”

Having recommended that Collins ask the media if they agreed they were under government influence, Ardern summarily dismissed Seymour’s suggestion that the fund’s mandatory guidelines for how to…

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