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Widdecombe, Webb & Woberts: 2 – How to Stop Migrant Crossings? Vaccine Passports: Chinese-style Social Credit System by Stealth?


July 29,2021

The NCF proudly presents our newest show: Widdecombe, Webb & Woberts LIVE, a monthly talk show where our opinionated hosts, Emma Webb, the Rt. Hon. Ann Widdecombe and Abi Roberts lead you on a lively, provocative and hopefully entertaining romp through the week’s most relevant headlines.

This time, Widdecombe, Webb & Woberts discuss how the UK government might stem the tide of migrants crossing the English Channel, whether vaccine passports are the first step to a Chinese-style social credit system, NHS reform, and the shocking incident in London’s “Speakers’ Corner”, where a female convert from Islam to Christianity was stabbed whilst wearing a Charlie Hebdo t-shirt.

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