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Al Jazeera – Inside Story: How worrying is the new Omicron variant?


November 28, 2021

Just as the world was starting to show signs of recovery from the pandemic, a new COVID-19 variant called Omicron, has been identified. Scientists say it’s more infectious than the Delta strain and it’s unclear if the vaccines we have now will be effective against it. The global stock market, price of oil and travel industry are already seeing its impact. Many countries have banned or restricted flights from Southern Africa, where the new variant is believed to have emerged. So how concerned should we be? And are vaccinations enough to contain it?

Presenter: Hashem Ahelbarra Guests: Helen Rees – Chair of the W.H.O. Regional Immunization Technical Advisory for Africa and Member of the South Africa Ministerial Advisory Committee for Covid-19 & Covid-19 Vaccines. Julian Tang – A Clinical Virologist at the University of Leicester. Azeddine Ibrahimi – Director of Medbiotech, a Medical Biotechnology Laboratory.

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