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NZ Today: #5 – The impact of Ardern’s brutal, authoritarian regime


This yet another example of authoritarian behaviour by the incompetents at the clown show masquerading as the NZ government

From a comment thread at Kiwiblog

Your desire to punish the business is misplaced. Unfortunately for my family and me we own businesses that sell food and coffee. I had no intention of participating in a system that required me to get the vaccine. I have no interest in discriminating against my customers and staff based on vaccine status. Recruiting, training and retaining staff is hard work and expensive. Retaining our valuable customers is the backbone of our business. I was preparing to close our dining areas so that we could continue to serve all comers in a take away only capacity. That was until Friday when the scope of requirements became slightly clearer. For our business to trade under orange or red in any capacity other than contactless requires participation in the traffic light scheme. All staff are required to be vaccinated whether we participate or not. To trade contactless only means the total loss of my life’s work and the jobs of 40 staff. We will be gratefully accepting on line orders from those without passports. None of this is ideal. None of this is a choice. This is a matter of survival under a brutal authoritarian government.

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