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Normandy: #05 – D-Day: Lord Lovat & the Mad Piper of Normandy – History Traveler Episode 179


December 06, 2021

This episode was produced in partnership with The Gettysburg Museum of History. See how you can support history education & artifact preservation by visiting their website & store at https://www.gettysburgmuseumofhistory…

Part 5 of the “Normandy 1944” Series Of the 150,000+ men who landed on the beaches of Normandy on D-Day, it’s hard to argue that there were any who were more unique than British commandos Lord Lovat and his bagpiper, Bill Millan. In this episode, we’re going to Sword Beach to the show where Lord Lovat and Bill Millan landed with the 1st Special Service Brigade on June 6th and fought to link up with the men of the Ox and Bucks at Pegasus Bridge. Much to see and learn here! CORRECTION: In the video, I say that Lord Lovat’s link up with the Ox & Bucks was the first linkup between the seaborne and airborne forces. Although Lovat claimed to be the first, it was actually element of No. 6 Commando arriving on bicycles that were the first to cross Pegasus. Big thanks to Paul Woodadge of @WW2TV for the clarification.


A clip of Lovat and Millin from the Longest Day movie

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