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Spectator TV: – Starmer’s purge & petrol crisis – Week in 60 Minutes #54 – 30/09/2021


Kate Andrews is joined by writer and political activist Paul Embery; journalist Ayesha Hazarika; Tory MP Iain Duncan Smith; security expert Elisabeth Braw, resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute; Spectator contributor Matthew Lynn; and a team of Spectator journalists.

THIS EPISODE 00:00 – Welcome from Kate Andrews 02:42 – What happened at Labour conference? With Katy Balls 08:44 – Can Labour sort itself out? With Paul Embery and Ayesha Hazarika 22:31 – Is Britain prepared for crises? With Elisabeth Braw 34:43 – Can Boris deliver on ‘levelling up’? With Iain Duncan Smith 51:33 – Did the EU’s von der Leyen win the German elections? With Matthew Lynn 01:01:40 – Are James Bond films too long? With Ysenda Maxtone Graham

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