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Spectator TV: – Hitchens on drugs & Facebook fiasco – Week in 60 Minutes #58 – 28/10/2021


Freddy Gray is joined by Peter Hitchens, Spectator contributor; Glenn Greenwald, journalist and author; Tim Spector, principal investigator on the ZOE app; Rod Liddle, The Spectator’s associate editor; Ben Smith, New York Times media columnist; Peter Betts, lead climate negotiator for the European Union, 2010-16; and Spectator journalists.


00:00 – – Welcome from Freddy Gray 02:16 – Does Rishi’s budget add up? 12:08 – Covid: are cases falling? With Tim Spector 19:48 – What’s behind terrorism? Drugs or mental illness? With Peter Hitchens and Rod Liddle 34:49 – Will COP26 be a success? With Fraser Nelson and Peter Betts 49:21 – What’s behind Frances Haugen’s Facebook leak? With Glenn Greenwald and Ben Smith

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