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DW News: The UK’s post-Brexit spat over foie gras – Focus on Europe


More vegan nonsense

Jan 16, 2022

The French delicacy foie gras, a pâté made from foie gras of goose or duck, is facing an import ban in the UK. One minister described it as “intolerably barbaric.” The animals are force-fed by tube. Gourmets and producers are outraged. French traders find the argument animal welfare argument to be hypocritical, in view of the British animal welfare standards. In fact, however, the consumer behavior of British gourmets is changing. Some are already switching to vegan versions of foie gras, known as faux gras. The British government is about to ban the import of foie gras, calling on British chefs to develop vegan alternatives. A posh French restaurant in London has already banned foie gras from its menu and swears by a vegan recipe, “faux gras,” made from lentils and mushrooms. Precious chef Alexis Gaulthier believes a complete ban on foie gras is the only positive consequence of Brexit. Within the EU, it was not possible to ban imports from France

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