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John Rogers: London’s Wonderland & the Golden Mile


Upload January 17,2022

Interesting videos about London, and elsewhere, from London-based film-maker and writer John Rogers, author of This Other London – adventures in the overlooked city

His blog The Lost Byway

This walk follows the first section of the walk in Chapter 1 of my book This Other London which starts at the majestic Gunnersbury Park in West London. The Park was originally the grounds of Gunnersbury House, a Georgian mansion built for King George III’s aunt Princess Amelia. Today it’s home to Gunnersbury Museum and the house is open to the public. We then walk along the ‘Golden Mile’ – a strip of the A4 Great West Road running through Brentford that from the 1920’s became an industrial centre for a number of household names and famous for its Art Deco architecture. Some of the companies based here included Smiths Crisps, Gillette, Currys, Beachams, and Firestone Tyres. Our walk ends at the Gillette Building on Gillette Corner.

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