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John Rogers: Lockdown Pub Crawl around Leytonstone, East London


Upload May 25,2020

Interesting videos about London, and elsewhere, from London-based film-maker and writer John Rogers, author of This Other London – adventures in the overlooked city

His blog The Lost Byway

A Whitsun Bank Holiday Pub Crawl around the pubs of Leytonstone in East London. Featuring: Heathcote & Star (1905), The Northcote (1886), Birkbeck Tavern (1881), Plough and Harrow (1651), Leytonstone Tavern (1865), The Bell (1720), Red Lion (1670), The Crown/Byrds (1720), The Walnut Tree (1997), The North Star (1858), The Green Man (1660),Luna Lounge (2004), Filly Brook (2020) Waltham Forest Oral History Workshop – Behind the Bar… My other Leyton and Leytonstone videos: Thanks to my supporters on Patreon

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