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Softly,Softly: Task Force – Sunday, Sweet Sunday (1971)


Excellent cast


Softly, Softly: Task Force is a police based drama series which ran on BBC 1 from 1969 to 1976. It was a revamp of Softly, Softly, itself a spin-off from Z-Cars. The change was made partly to coincide with the coming of colour broadcasting to the BBC‘s main channel BBC1. The programme was due to be called simply Task Force, but reluctant to sacrifice a much-loved brand the BBC compromised this so it became Softly, Softly: Task Force.

At the end of Softly Softly, the main characters – Detective Chief Superintendent Barlow (Stratford Johns) and Detective Inspector Watt (Frank Windsor) – both applied for the role of Head of CID at newly formed Thamesford Constabulary. The fictional Thamesford Constabulary was a product of amalgamations carried out during recent reorganisation of Britains police forces and is referred to as the third largest force in Britain.

Barlow is appointed to the role which though more prestigious due to the size of Thamesford Constabulary carries the same rank (Chief Superintendent) as his current role as deputy co-ordinator of the Southwest Regional Crime Squad. There is also a vacancy for a deputy head of CID and Watt as runner up is appointed gaining the rank of Detective Superintendent. Upon arrival in Thamesford Barlow recommends the formation of two taskforces. These are set up and Watt is made Task Force Commander of Number One Task Force in addition to his duties as deputy head of CID. Harry Hawkins (Norman Bowler) seen a Detective Sergeant in the South West Regional Crime Squad in Softly Softly has become a uniform inspector at Thamesford and is quickly made a Detective Inspector in Number One Task Force. MORE AT LINK

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