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Planet Normal: ‘Levelling up’ is still just a canny slogan for the Tories


Excellent podcast with a lot of good points

Podcast series from the UK Telegraph, hosted by economist and columnist Liam Halligan and co-host columnist Alison Pearson, looking at issues of the moment.

Jan 27, 2022

Another week on Planet Normal poses more questions over the future of our Prime Minister. But do our co-pilots think Mr Johnson is a dead man walking or, to borrow a phrase from PM himself, that the Partygate storm is merely a ‘pyramid of piffle’?

Allison’s done defending Boris Johnson for good, but Liam’s advice for the PM? The economy, stupid. Co-pilot Halligan thinks he should channel Bill Clinton, by using proven economic policies to overcome his personal scandals.

Plus, Liam weighs in on the Government’s ‘levelling up’ white paper. Is it just a canny slogan? Or will the plan mean real change?

Also boarding the rocket of right thinking this week is Dr Steve James, who beams in to tell our co-pilots why he confronted Sajid Javid about compulsory vaccines for NHS staff – and the overwhelming support he received after the incident went viral. Steve also shares his insights from working in ICU during the pandemic, and what he would do if he could wave his magic wand over the NHS.

And, a nostalgic delve into the Planet Normal mailbag this week, as listeners share their childhood memories from the 70s.

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