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Triggernometry : Should We Be Ashamed of Our History? – Nigel Biggar – UPDATE with introductory comments in light of recent events in NZ


Update as of March 2022

We still see a lot of twaddle here in NZ, and elsewhere, regarding our past history. There is a tendency fo some to look at history and apply the values of today, rather than to recognize that people reflect the circumstances of their times. There is much nonsense peddled in NZ as regards the evils of colonization, but the evils of Maori culture at the time are often glossed over or simply not addressed. Therefore I have re-posted this, to my mind, excellent discussion.

Update as of June 2021

As can be seen I originally posted this in August 2020. However given the nonsense being promoted following Paul Goldsmith’s recent remarks on colonization and Karl Du Fresne’s excellent post on related issues, I was reminded of this excellent discussion. I hope it will assist people to take a balanced, nuanced view rather than the nonsensical postures struck by so many , especially the professional haters and professional victims so prevalent in the world today. Note Nigel Biggar has been undertaking research into Ethics and Empire, I would suggest he has more knowledge, based on facts, than such as Jenna Lynch et al.

August 31, 2020,

Nigel Biggar is Regius Professor of Moral & Pastoral Theology, University of Oxford.

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