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Classic Drama: The Pallisers by Anthony Trollope with Philip Latham and Susan Hampshire- E11/26


Watch soon as may disappear

This is the original 26 part version, as first shown on BBC TV. To my mind this is infinitely better than the truncated 18 part version which I posted recently, but seems to have been taken down

Superb cast in this classic BBC dramatisation of six Trollope novels.

From Wikipedia

The Pallisers is a 1974 BBC television adaptation of Anthony Trollope‘s Palliser novels. Set in Victorian era England with a backdrop of parliamentary life, Simon Raven‘s dramatisation covers six of Anthony Trollope’s novels and follows the events of the characters over two decade

Episode Synopsis

1 to 6 Can You Forgive Her

Alice Vavasor cannot decide which man she loves – the upright but boring John Grey or the dashing but unreliable cousin George, whom she turned down once already; Glencora’s love for Burgo Fitzgerald and her marriage to Plantagenet Palliser. These episodes cover more or less the ground of Trollope’s first Palliser novel, Can You Forgive Her?.

7 to 11 Phineas Finn

The start of Phineas Finn’s political career and love for Lady Laura Kennedy, then Violet Effingham. Just as Phineas screws up his courage to ask Lady Laura to marry him, she forestalls him by telling him she has accepted Finn’s fellow parliamentarian Robert Kennedy’s proposal of marriage. Finn turns to the beautiful Violet Effingham who is also pursued by her childhood sweetheart and Lady Laura’s brother, Lord Chiltern. The Duke of Omnium courts Madame Max Goesler. Covers the events in the second of Trollope’s Palliser novels, Phineas Finn.

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