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This is appalling and people need to oppose this very strongly. Furthermore we need to mobilise international support against it. This government may well respond to international pressure


The Labour, Green and Maori parties have voted to undermine democracy:

. . . The bill, the Rotorua District Council (Representation Arrangements) Bill, was drafted by Rotorua Lakes Council following a vote in November to pursue it to enable a governance model that is unlawful under the Local Electoral Act.

The council wants to implement a Māori ward and general ward with three seats apiece, and four at large seats, but as the Act limits the number of Māori ward seats due to a population ratio-based formula, it is not possible. . . .

That population ratio-based formula is a basic plank of democracy which is predicated not just on one person, one vote, it’s also based on the need for all those votes to be equal.

This Bill would overturn that, making the votes in the Maori wards worth far more than those in the other wards.

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