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Mehdi Hasan Show: New Discoveries About Trump’s Tenure


April 13, 2022

Because of all that happened, there’s probably a lot you’ve forgotten about Donald Trump and his bumbling brand of authoritarianism. How does one remember it all, much less make sense of it?  

Welcome to the world of presidential historian Julian Zelizer, who’s authored or edited 22 books, including one all about the Trump presidency. He joins Mehdi to discuss his recent work — and the discoveries that he and his colleagues unearthed while writing it..

About This Show

The Mehdi Hasan Show: Insightful reporting and probing interviews that examine the day’s events and provide a deeper level of context for the politics of our interconnected society. Watch The Mehdi Hasan Show on The Choice channel on Peacock TV, weeknights, 7 p.m. ET. Subscribe to the channel for more interviews.

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