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Jazz in the Night: Shake ’em up Jazz Band with Marla Dixon @ A Tribute To Bix Beiderbecke, Racine WI, March 9th, 2019.


 In the evening, “Shake ’em up Jazz Band with Marla Dixon” @ Phil Pospychala´s “A Tribute To Bix Beiderbecke”, Racine, WI, March 9th, 2019, had their set for the day. As mentioned before, the full bloom of this group of lovely ladies was somewhat hampered due to the lasting effects of an upper respiratory infection. But what a treat for the many dancers and the ones that didn´t make it to the dance floor! The band members are: Haruka Kikuchi, trombone; Marla Dixon, trumpet; Defne “Dizzy” Incirlioglu, wash board; Chloe Feoranzo, clarinet; Julie Schexnayder, string bass; Molly Reeves, guitar

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