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It Was Said with Jon Meacham: S01 E01 – MLK Jr. The Last Speech


About this series

Words move humankind for good and for ill, and in the American experience our most important public speeches have been both mirrors and makers of the nation’s manners and morals at key moments in our common life. Written and narrated by Pulitzer-Prize winning author, Jon Meacham, It Was Said, tells the stories of those crucial words, taking listeners back to inflection points ranging from the McCarthy era to our present time through the real-time rhetoric that shaped and suffused America as the country struggled through storm and strife. It Was Said captures the nation we’ve been, and points ahead to the nation we hope to become.

Created and produced by the Peabody-Award nominated documentary studio C13Originals, in partnership with HISTORY.

This episode

In one of the most tumultuous moments in American history, Martin Luther King Jr. travels to Memphis to address the issue of racial and economic injustice. With eloquent language and brilliant rhetoric, he creates a mosaic of the ongoing Civil Rights struggle, culminating with a fearless and defiant premonition.

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