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Times Radio: Lord Dannatt: Why Azov defendants won’t surrender? – Mariupol


April 18,2022

The situation is pretty hopeless,” said former head of the British Army General Lord Dannatt to Luke Jones on Times Radio. Following reports that defenders still within Mariupol will fight to the end, Lord Dannatt said: “They’ve been holding out for over 50 days, haven’t they, they must now be getting extremely short of ammunition. “I think the awkwardness of this is those who are defending are predominantly from the Azov regiment, which, if you look at the origin of that organisation, look at some of their insignia and their flags, they do make use of the swastika symbol. “So when the Russians have talked about denazifying, I’m afraid, they all focus pretty much on this Azov regiment. And I’m afraid that’s probably why they are not going to surrender, because as individuals, they know that they’re going to come to pretty harsh treatment.”

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