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Glenn Kirschner: As Georgia Grand Jury Investigation into Trump Proceeds, Trump Co-conspirator Eastman Keeps Criming


19 April 2022

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution just broke a story about the progress and timing of the grand jury investigation into Donald Trump’s Georgia state election crimes. In another development, the New York Times reported about the ongoing efforts of attorney John Eastman and others to overturn the results of the 2020 prestidential election, even AFTER a federal judge ruled it is “more likely than not” that Trump and Eastman were members of a criminal conspiracy to overturn the election’s results. This raises a fundamental question: how can Eastman and others continue their corrupt efforts even after their earlier crimes have been exposed? The only answer is that the lack of accountability for past crimes encourages them to commit future crimes. This video discusses the balance that prosecutors must strike between investigating cases fully and thoroughly and arresting/indicting people to deter future crime, protect society and preserve our democracy.

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