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Spectator TV: Portillo on Boris & Omicron in China – Week in 60 Minutes #68- 04/02/2022


Katy Balls is joined by Michael Portillo, the broadcaster and former politician; Douglas Murray, The Spectator’s associate editor; Charles Parton, a senior associate fellow at the Royal United Services Institute; and Spectator journalists Cindy Yu, Kate Andrews, James Forsyth and Freddy Gray.


00:00 – Welcome from Katy Balls 01:43 – Is Boris off the hook? With James Forsyth 08:34 – Can the PM win the public back? With Michael Portillo 26:11 – Can China escape its zero-Covid trap? With Charles Parton and Cindy Yu 41:06 – Why is our Ambassador in Kyiv posting about #decompression? With Douglas Murray 51:30 – Why is Kamala Harris so unpopular? With Kate Andrews and Freddy Gray

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