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Jazz in the Night: New Orleans and New Orleans Music – Shirt Tail Stompers


Track 1: Joy of spring (starts at 00:00) Track 2: A dog’s life (starts at 2:50) Track 3: All of me (starts at 7:40) Track 4: My Valentine (starts at 10:21) Track 5: Walking hand in hand (starts at 16:35) Track 6: Under the tranquil moon (starts at 22:12) Track 7: Feels so good (starts at 28:55) Track 8: Sweet Alabama (starts at 39:35) Track 9: One step at a time (starts at 42:48) Track 10: Summer delights (starts at 46:29) Track 11: Jolly great time (starts at 51:16) Track 12: The wild wild west (starts at 54:56) Track 13: Only you (starts at 56:45)

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