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Glenn Kirschner: With Trump’s admission that he alone oversaw Calamari’s compensation, DA Bragg’s action even worse


I find Bragg’s actions very hard to understand

29 April 2022

Two stories just broke that, when viewed together, highlight a searing injustice involving the complete lack of accountability for Donald Trump’s crimes. First, CNN reported that New York District Attorney Alvin Bragg is letting the NY grand jury expire this week without asking them to vote on a criminal indictment for Donald Trump. Then, the Daily Beast reported that Trump gave deposition testimony in 2021, testifying that he alone was responsible for the compensation of Matthew Calamari Sr., his Chief Operating Officer. Given that it appears Calamari received the same “fishy perks” (as the Daily Beast puts it) as Weisselberg, it seems Trump’s testimony directly implicates him in the same tax fraud scheme for which Weisselberg ins indicted. This staggering revelation makes it all the more clear that DA Bragg’s decision to kill the investigation into Trump’s crimes is an inexcusable injustice.

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