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If they don’t have time to make a baby . . .



More evidence of the madness of modern life:

There’s a question that is frequently brushed over in fertility clinics and it may well surprise you: how frequently do you have sex? You might assume that by the time a couple seeks IVF they have long been trying to conceive in the bedroom. But although the sex question is on the forms during many fertility consultations, it has become the elephant in the room.

This week, experts warned that modern couples are often too distracted or time-poor to have the amount of sex necessary to conceive naturally. Many, they added, end up having IVF not because they are infertile, but because they are time-poor.

“People don’t make the time because they are too busy and too tired – they have a poor work-life balance and sex starts to seem like another chore,” says Charles Kingsland, of clinic group Care…

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