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NZ Democracy is Under Attack: #21 – Democracy or the Treaty? Faafoi can’t see it, but cocooning Ngāi Tahu from Canterbury voters makes the answer all too clear


This very concerning post from Point of Order blog, makes it very clear that the Ardern regime has not given up on implementing undemocratic rights in NZ for the privileged few. We are on the path to the ethnocentric state foreshadowed by Professor Elizabeth Rata. (In passing I would note that Professor Rata was one of the Listener Seven, so roundly condemned by Professor Joanna Kidman)

Note how all, Labour MPs, Green MPs and of course the two virulently racist Māori Party MPs ( Te Pāti Māori) voted for this profoundly undemocratic bill.

National and ACT MPs this week were given a platform to express their objections to the democracy-enfeebling Canterbury Regional Council (Ngāi Tahu …

Democracy or the Treaty? Faafoi can’t see it, but cocooning Ngāi Tahu from Canterbury voters makes the answer all too clear

Note as well how Ministry of Justice is tempering it’s concerns. Pardon me for being cynical, but I suspect people are either being pressured, or more likely officials with the “correct mindset” are providing the advice.

The bill enables one iwi, in fact the leaders of that iwi – Ngāi Tahu tribal leaders huge privileges, denied others

This legislation will give one group of Canterbury citizens, Ngāi Tahu tribal leaders, a governance privilege that has been given to nobody else in this country. They will be able to avoid the challenge of nominating candidates, then campaigning for popular support at the ballot box to win places on the regional council. Rather, they will appoint two councillors who will have full decision-making powers (often on matters affecting the tribe’s considerable business interests).

En passant, I note that Ngāi Tahu appointees do not seem to be subject to the same conflict of interest provisions as the second class citizens, but perhaps I am in error.

We need an unequivocal statement from National that they will repeal all such legislation. Furthermore, the Bill of Rights must be strengthened and any changes such as these must be approved by a referendum where more than 60% of eligible voters participate and 75% or more vote for the change.

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