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NZ Today: #101 – Government Extravagance


I doubt that this was the true cost, it may be the cash cost to NZTA but there is much more ‘hidden cost’. I know the arguments about ’sunk cost’ but my counter argument is what productive issues suffered as a result of this shindig.

What additional costs were incurred?

Who approved the spend?

What was the original budget? If within budget, why was it so high? Is expenditure at this level the norm? How much spend of this nature is incurred each year?

Were there any cultural observances? What was their nature? Were there any costs involved?

Why 300 guests?

Who approved the various contractors?

Were any elements of the opening covered within BAU budgets for example traffic management?

Was any normal traffic disrupted for the opening?

What were the estimated costs in respect of time etc for the attendees?

My suspicion is that the actual cost was much more than $337,000

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