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Midnight Murder: Midsomer Murders #7 – S02 E02 – Strangler’s Wood – John Nettles, Jane Wymark, Daniel Casey


This Episode

Carla Constanza, a Brazilian actress and the advertising face of Monarch Tobacco, is found strangled with a necktie in Ravens Wood. The murder case is reminiscent of three similar murders that occurred nine years ago. A German backpacker, an au pair and a hotel maid had all been raped and strangled with neckties in the wood, which acquired the name “Strangler’s Wood” among the local population. Barnaby and Troy delve deeper into Monarch Tobacco and become acquainted with company managing director Bill Mitchell and the marketing director, John Merrill. The police detectives solve the case, but not until another woman is found murdered, injected with a syringe containing liquid nicotine, and the proprietor of a local hotel is found stabbed to death in a bathtub.

The Series

Midsomer Murders is a British crime drama television series, adapted by Anthony Horowitz and Douglas Watkinson from the novels in the Chief Inspector Barnaby book series (created by Caroline Graham), and broadcast on two channels of ITV since its premiere on 23 March 1997. The series focuses on various murder cases that take place within small country villages across the fictional English county of Midsomer, and the efforts of the senior police detective and his partner within the fictional Midsomer Constabulary to solve the crime by determining who the culprit is and the motive for their actions. It identifies itself differently from other detective dramas often by featuring a mixture of lighthearted whimsy and dark humour, as well as a notable soundtrack that includes the use of the theremin instrument for the show’s theme tune.

The programme has featured two lead stars—from its premiere in 1997, John Nettles as Detective Chief Inspector (DCI) Tom Barnaby, until his retirement from the drama in February 2011; then Neil Dudgeon as DCI John Barnaby, Tom’s younger cousin, since March 2011. Both main stars have featured a list of supporting actors who worked alongside them, including Jane Wymark, Barry Jackson, Daniel Casey, John Hopkins, Jason Hughes, and Gwilym Lee, with Nick Hendrix as the current co-star working with Dudgeon. Midsomer Murders remains a popular feature in British television schedules and has been broadcast internationally in over 200 countries and territories. MORE AT LINK

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