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The unfitness of Hipkins for high office


I have written before how in my view Chris Hipkins, as a minister, is not fit for purpose.

This last week end he was interviewed by Jack Tame on TVNZ’s Q+A .

The upload notes commented “Former Covid-19 Response Minister and incoming Police Minister Chris Hipkins gives his assessment of his time in charge of the Government’s pandemic response, and looks ahead to his new role with violent crime on the rise.”

In so far as it went I suppose the interview was adequate, but Ele Ludemann at Homepaddock raised these points: –

1 Does he also regret the slow vaccine rollout which is why vaccination rates weren’t nearly as high as they could, and ought to, have been when Delta got into the community?

Let us not forget the somewhat misleading assertions over vaccine availability, and rate of progress; plus of course multiple testing failures for example

2 Does he regret the mental, physical and financial toll the extended lockdown took?

3 Does he regret the lottery of misery that left people stranded without jobs and homes and kept so many people from coming home to be with seriously ill and dying family and friends, to attend funerals?

Let us not forget that the MIQ system, referred to above, was infamously described by Ministerial Colleague David Parkeras damn near perfect

4 Does he regret the unfair and unkind exemption system that let hundreds of foreign DJs in but kept hundreds of pregnant New Zealand women out?

In at least one highly public case that of Charlotte Bellis, Hipkins blatantly lied and has had to apologise

5 Does he regret the enormous economic and human cost of the extended lockdown and closed borders?

6 Does he regret the massive debts incurred by the Covid fund and the spending of a lot of it on initiatives that had nothing to do with Covid recovery? For information see for example regular information from The Taxpayers Union. Much of MSM has been silent. The deadening effect of the PIJF?

7 Does he regret the slow approval and import of rapid antigen tests (RATs)? Again well documented and Sir Ian Taylor has bben very forthright on this.

8 Does he regret the time and money his government has, and continues to waste, on restructuring the health system instead of strengthening it to cope with Covid-19 and the usual winter ills?

9 Does he regret not learning from repeated reports, and implementing the recommendations of them which would have reduced the impact of Delta and Omicron?

A stronger and much tougher interviewer think Andrew Marr, Andrew Neil, Robin Day for example would have probed these issues and possibly more.

Instead we got Hipkins essentially on Hipkins and very little if any real acknowledgement of his part in what in many ways has been a total omnishambles of a response; which Ardern’s spin doctors have sold to a credulous media as a resounding success.

The idea that Hipkins is a safe pair of hands fit to be entrusted with such critical Ministerial roles as Education and Police; plus Leader of the House is outrageous. It only serves to show how inept and incompetent the Ardern regime is; it highlights their lack of talent – if Hipkins is amongst their best the rest must be truly appalling. Indeed many of them are.

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