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Classic TV Comedy: Doc Martin – Martin Clunes, Caroline Catz, Ian McNiece, Sarah Cadell, Joe Absolom, Eileen Atkins, Jessica Ransom – #56 – S08E02 – Sons and Lovers


Martin and Louisa need to find a day care for James, and they settle on Portwenn Tots. They later make a date for an evening out together. After successfully counseling young student Astrid Trappett (Tipper Seifert-Cleveland), who is feeling awkward and out of place, Louisa considers expanding her career, possibly becoming a child counsellor.

After Janice runs out on PC Joe Penhale at the altar, he is feeling morbid and defeated. Penhale visits the pub owned by Ken Hollister (Clive Russell) to drown his sorrows. The pub is infested with rats and needs a thorough cleaning. Hollister collapses, and Martin diagnoses him with leptospirosis bacterial infection, caused by the filthy state of his pub.

Clive Tishell tests the pharmacy’s new blood-pressure monitor on Al Large, only to discover Al’s excessively high blood pressure. Al is convinced he’s having a heart attack. Martin instructs him to monitor his blood pressure regularly. Ruth considers selling her farm, and receipts for the B&B’s whiskey enterprise with Bert Large are not going as expected. John Rahmanzai (Art Malik) checks in to the B&B, temporarily in town to scatter his late father’s ashes near Portwenn. During the course of his stay, he has an asthmatic attack and is saved by Martin, who remembers Rahmanzai’s father well.

Ruth confesses to having had an affair with the elder married Rahmanzai, after his son had been born. The true story is that Rahmanzai’s father was ready to abandon his wife and child for Ruth, but Ruth ended the relationship. However, Ruth lies and tells Rahmanzai that his father ended the relationship because he loved his wife and son more than her. Ruth tells Martin the true story of their illicit affair that almost ended a marriage.

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