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The Audio Long Read: How two BBC journalists risked their jobs to reveal the truth about Jimmy Savile – podcast


A podcast series from The Guardian

November 2021

Listening to the women who alleged abuse, and fighting to get their stories heard, helped change the treatment of victims by the media and the justice system

by Poppy Sebag-Montefiore Tue 2 Nov 2021 06.00 GMTLast modified on Fri 26 Nov 2021 05.00 GMT

On Saturday 29 October 2011, the day the entertainer Jimmy Savile died aged 84, a couple of comments were posted on the Duncroft School page of the networking site Friends Reunited. Duncroft was designated as an “approved school” by the Home Office, and offered residential care for “intelligent but emotionally disturbed girls”. “He died today, RIP no RIH yes rot in hell,” read one message. “Perhaps some closure for the childhoods that were ruined by this animal.” Over the next few days a handful more messages appeared: “You child molester – you were no better than all the other pervs who have been banged up … only your celebrity status saved you.” Someone else wrote how she would never recover from what “JS” did to her.


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