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Rebus by Ian Rankin – Audio Dramas: #3 -Resurrection Men


Alexander Morton played Rebus in a 1999 BBC Radio 4 adaptation of Let It Bleed. Ron Donachie starred as Rebus in BBC Radio 4’s dramatizations of The Falls (2008), Resurrection Men (2008), Strip Jack (2010), The Black Book (2012), Black and Blue (2013), “Rebus Set in Darkness” (2014), Qestion of blood (2016) and Fleshmarket Close (2017)

Listen soon as may disappear

The maverick detective engineers a suspension to carry out a covert probe of his own. Ian Rankin’s thriller stars Ron Donachie. First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 2008.

Ian Rankin OBE is one of Britain’s most successful crime writers. The Crime Writers’ Association awarded him its prestigious Gold Dagger Award in 2005.

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