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Spectator TV: Will Putin’s invasion fail? – Week in 60 Minutes #71 – 04/03/2022


Kate Andrews is joined by Douglas Murray, The Spectator’s associate editor; Sir Lawrence Freedman, a professor in War Studies from King’s College London; Dmitri Alperovitch, a security expert and chairman of the Silverado think tank; Bill Browder, a financier and sanctions campaigner; and Spectator journalists Freddy Gray, James Forsyth and Katy Balls.

The Week in 60 Minutes is sponsored by Canaccord Genuity Wealth Managers.


00:00 – Welcome from Kate Andrews 01:42 – What’s happening on the battlefield? With Lawrence Freedman and Dmitri Alperovitch 21:48 – Is the West doing enough? With Bill Browder 29:15 – What’s life like in Ukraine? With Freddy Gray 37:54 – Douglas Murray on the conservatives supporting Putin 49:23 – Politics update with Katy Balls and James Forsyth

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