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LBJ’s War: Epilog: “I Shall Not Seek…”


About: LBJ’s War is a documentary in oral history form, constructed from secretly taped White House phone calls and rare archival interviews with those who were there when this history was being made, and who had a hand in its making. We recommend listening in order, starting at the beginning.

Sarah Lawson – The New Yorker – September 06,2017 “LBJ’s War” Lets Us Eavesdrop on a President’s Mighty Fall

“An assassin’s bullet has thrust upon me the awesome burden of the Presidency,” we hear Lyndon B. Johnson say in the trailer for the new podcast “LBJ’s War,” in a clip from November 28, 1963. Johnson was addressing a joint session of Congress, six days after the death of John F. Kennedy. He sounds sombre, solemn, humble, capable—aware of history and his place in it. Later, in a clip from his 1965 Voting Rights Act speech to Congress, we hear Johnson say, with similar gravitas, “I want to be the President who helped to end war among the brothers of this earth.” In its six episodes, “LBJ’s War” shows us Johnson’s public persona and, in audio clips, another side, which many of us know only from biographies. MORE AT LINK

Larson’s article is well worth reading

Episode: Epilog “I Shall Not Seek…” – October 03,2017

Lyndon Johnson’s March ’68 announcement, that he would not seek re-election, stunned the nation and the world, and marked the effective end of a political career that had once seemed bound for Rushmore-level greatness. This special, long-form edition of LBJ’s War traces the arc, and looks at the causes, of that tragic fall from grace. For those who have listened to all six prior episodes, a few moments will be familiar, but most will not: 90%-plus previously unheard material.

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