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Lawfare Podcast – Arbiters of Truth: The Professionalization of Content Moderation


Arbiters of Truth is a weekly podcast on disinformation and misinformation. Hosts Evelyn Douek, Quinta Jurecic, and Alina Polyakova interview experts about the legal and policy aspects of the debates around political discourse, online speech and social media platforms playing out in the headlines. You can find it in the Lawfare podcast feed on Thursdays.

April 28,2022

This week on Arbiters of Truth, our series on the online information ecosystem, Evelyn Douek spoke to Charlotte Willner, who has been working in content moderation longer than just about anyone. Charlotte is now the executive director of the Trust and Safety Professionals Association, an organization that brings together the professionals that write and enforce the rules for what’s fair game and what’s not on online platforms. Before that, she worked in Trust and Safety at Pinterest and before that she built the very first safety operations team at Facebook. Evelyn asked Charlotte what it was like trying to build a content moderation system from the ground up, what has changed since those early days (spoilers: it’s a lot!) and—of course—if she had any advice for Twitter’s new owner given all her experience helping keep platforms safe.

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