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NZ Democracy is Under Attack: #35 – Paul Goldsmith attacks effort to enshrine Ngai Tahu influence, and reduce democracy in Canterbury – An Update – Democracy is dead long live ethnocentrism (aka iwi domination)


Update August 05,2022

This appalling legislation has now been passed into law. It stands as testimony to the way in which the Ardern tyranny is undermining democracy at a fast pace in NZ. This not a tweak or an evolution as members of the regime bleat, but part of a concerted attempt by this so called government to impose, absent any mandate, a radical and racist form of governance on New Zealand. This effort is aided and abetted by the media and activists in our institutions.

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From Kiwiblog on Thursday June 16. Note how 2 major media outlets declined the article by Paul Goldsmith.

Note that I previously reblogged a post from Point of Order which also raised this issue. Indeed, I reblogged an earlier post from Point of Order when this bill originally resurfaced.

A guest post by Paul Goldsmith, National’s Justice Spokesperson: Labour’s Māori Development Minister, Willie Jackson, infamously said on Q&A last …

Guest Post: Please ask before changing our democracy

It should be noted that The Christchurch Press, a notoriously left wing paper, is part of the Stuff stable. Stuff has supped of government largesse from the PIJF fund. The PIJF requires the Ardern regime’s Treaty stance to be adhered to.

Interestingly Sean Plunket discussed the implications of the PIJF in his interview on The Platform. Plunket, rightly in my view, voiced concerns about how this was effectively allowing a form of censorship in effect.

I am not sure if NZ Herald has drunk from the poisoned chalice, but given this regime’s ad spend, I suspect we are seeing some self censorship. In addition, the Herald seems to be somewhat supportive in some articles of the Ardern regime’s co-governance stance.

Note that Graham Adams wrote about this issue of the PIJF and related issues some months ago in a post at The Democracy Project.

There are several issues which arise it seems to me, including

1 The ongoing and repeated attacks on NZ Democracy from the Ardern regime, many of which are led by MPs such as Mahuta, Jackson and Coffey with active support from others eg Andrew Little.

2 The extent to which media in this country have been muzzled by the PIJF

3 Media self censorship for commercial reasons

4 Media censorship, though no doubt it would be denied, practiced by State broadcast media

5 The ideology and beliefs of many in the media, for example Susie Ferguson at RNZ, Maiki Sherman at TVNZ, Tova O’Brien formerly at Newshub

6 The profoundly undemocratic nature of what is proposed in this bill. Indeed, I am appalled that this bill was even tabled. It suggests that our body politic is so contaminated that democracy as it is commonly understood by the great majority is an alien concept to Ardern, her colleagues and their apparatchiks within the public sector. National and ACT must commit to repeal this and similar legislation immediately upon attaining office. No ifs, buts or maybes – but unequivocal commitment to repeal immediately.

I suspect we will revisit this and related issues.

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