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The Bill #87 – S05 E05 – Chain of Command


Watch soon as may disappear

This Episode

A woman comes into the station with her head bleeding telling PC Yorkie Smith she can’t go home, Yorkie assumes her husband had been beating her, WPC Viv Martella tries to get her to press charges, but it turns out it was her boyfriend that was beating her not her husband, so she can’t go home as her husband will see the bruises. The Husband later turns up at the station and attacks Yorkie. PC Pete Ramsey and WPC June Ackland find a gang of drunks under a fly over, Cryer turns up and they nick all of them. The drunks then have a brawl in the cells. The DTI (department of trade and industry) meet with Ch. Insp Conway and demand he assigns officers to help them close down “Radio Sun Hill” a pirate radio station.

The Bill is a British police procedural television series, first broadcast on ITV from 16 August 1983 until 31 August 2010. The programme originated from a one-off drama, Woodentop, broadcast in August 1983.

The programme focused on the lives and work of one shift of police officers, rather than on any particular aspect of police work. The Bill was the longest-running police procedural television series in the United Kingdom, and among the longest running of any British television series at the time of its cancellation. The title originates from “Old Bill”, a slang term for the police.

Although highly acclaimed by fans and critics, the series attracted controversy on several occasions. An episode broadcast in 2008 was criticised for featuring fictional treatment for multiple sclerosis. The series has also faced more general criticism concerning its levels of violence, particularly prior to 2009, when it occupied a pre-watershed slot. The Bill won several awards, including BAFTAs, a Writers’ Guild of Great Britain award, and Best Drama at the Inside Soap Awards in 2009, this being the series’ fourth consecutive win.

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