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Spectator TV: Truss’s cabinet & Rushdie’s critics – The Week in 60 Minutes – 18/08/22


Fraser Nelson, The Spectator’s editor, speaks to our columnist Lionel Shriver about the attack on Salman Rushdie:
‘Publishing has become completely paranoid about putting out anything that might be insulting to Islam.’ – Lionel Shriver

On the rest of the show, our economics editor Kate Andrews explains why the jobs market is so good, but the economy is heading for a recession. Jonathan Sumption, a former Supreme Court judge, says the Online Harms Bill is ‘illegitimate’. Our deputy political editor Katy Balls and assistant editor Isabel Hardman look at who might be in Liz Truss’s cabinet. Journalist Francesco Giubilei argues that Giorgia Meloni, the favourite to become Italy’s next prime minister, isn’t a fascist. Spectator contributor Matthew Lynn says crypto is back.

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