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When will the blue-on-blue end?


From The Spectator – Coffee House Shots

August 10,2022

The Tory contenders are expected to announce their own measures to protect households and businesses from the energy crisis. Why has it taken this long? Labour too, is yet to reveal a strategy. Will they leave the Tories to fight amongst themselves?

Also on the podcast, Nicola Sturgeon has made a comeback at Liz Truss who earlier in the month called the Scottish leader an attention seeker. At the Edinburgh fringe festival, she told the audience that Liz Truss once asked her how to be featured in Vogue. So who is the real attention seeker now? And will they ever see eye-to-eye if Truss gets into No.10?

Isabel Hardman speaks to Katy Balls and James Forsyth.

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